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The August 2016 edition of Todays Geriatric Medicine says that drinking tea has some wonderful benefits for older adults.

The article states that “The research isn’t extensive, but the antioxidants and L-theanine found in tea may help maintain brain function. The caffeine found in tea may be beneficial for cognition.”

Great news for those of us who are not coffee drinkers. So go grab a cup and start sipping….then get out and get your fit on.

Swimming for Fitness

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Did you get your pool open this weekend? Here in New England our spring weather has been cool and then of course there is the pollen factor. All of my friends with pools who have opened them have a lovely green haze over the water. No one has dared go in yet….

Whenever it decides to get warm or if it is already warm where you here are a few exercises that you can do in your pool with NO equipment….other than the most important piece…YOU.

I found this on Pinterest and added it to my Get Fit board as a reminder that you can keep things simple to get a good workout.

Jogging, squats, bicycles, and crunches can all in be done in the water for a great 15 minute workout.

Oh and if you have noodles lying around use them too. The things you can do with them…Don’t believe me? Youtube it! I have come up with some great pool workouts for my clients from bits and pieces I found on the good old internet. Don’t be afraid to bring other equipment into the pool with you. One of my clients and I have a great time with medicine balls. Yeah…they float..who knew?

Visit Swim University for a break down of the 15 minute pool work out mentioned above.


Bosu Rocking Squat PushUp

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My new favorite move. I am calling it the Bosu Rocking Squat Push-up.

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A fun move that works a little bit of everything with no stress on any joints.

If you don’t have a Bosu no worries. You can push off of just about anything. Key is to push off, go into your squat, hold then rock back to your object of choice. Go as low as you can into a push up and repeat.

You can use this with a coffee table, chair (pushed up against something stable), ottaman, wall, stair, well you get the idea.


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Love this quote..but I can’t take credit for it (I found it on my twitter feed).

Mange your Portion Control by Using Your Hands

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Yep you read that right.

Forget counting calories. Change they way you think about calories, portion control, and food in general by using your hands.

Your body requires protein, veggies, carb-dense, and fat-dense foods to operate at its best. Having a balanced diet of these will give you long term benefits including a more realistic way to manage your weight.

It works like this:

Based on 2300-3000 calories for men and 1500-2100 calories for women per meal you your plate per meal should look something like this:

For Men // 2 palms of protein-dense food // 2 fists of veggies //2 cupped hands of carb-dense food // 2 entire thumbs of fat-dense food

For Women // 1 palm of protein-dense food // 1 fist of veggies // 1 cupped hand of carb-dense food // 1 entire thumb of fat-dense food

Below are a couple of links to some other articles that will help get you started to visualize what the above means and to help you figure out how it translates into real food. Just remember what works for some won’t necessarily work for you. Be patient, do some research, think out side the box, and being willing to try. You may find counting calories does work better for you. For me, I eat fairly healthy to begin with, my problem is portion control and the visuals in this concept work great for me. If nothing else nutrition by the handful gives you one more weapon in your arsenal to live a long healthy life.

Links as promised:

The Handful Diet: Control Your Portions Without Counting Calories!

Nutrition by the Handful: An Alternative to Counting Calories


Source: Idea Fitness Journal