Looking at Exercises from Different Perspectives

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Your first reaction to the picture above could be “I can do that!” or maybe “I am not strong enough to do that.” or “Way to easy I am going to go find a tire to flip.”

I have all three of those reactions (yes including wanting to go flip a tire) when I am searching the web for new exercise moves for myself and my clients. There always is an abundance of people showing incredible feats of strength that leave you wondering how you can ever get to that point. Or if you even want to.

Once again back to my motto Think outside the Box.

Let’s break it down. The women in the photo is using a resistance band. Don’t have one or don’t think you are ready for one? No biggie: just use your own body weight. Find a chair or counter and go. You will be amazed how you feel those glutes and quads working.

If you can do it and want to try GO FOR IT! Grab your band and get those glutes engaged.  Remember when it starts to get easy change up the amount of repetitions you are doing or move up to a band with more resistance.

For you tire flippers don’t give up on this one. To flip tires you need core, glute, and quad strength. If you have maxed out your resistance band tension stop using a chair or counter for support. Put your hands on your hips engage the core and work it. In order to maintain good form you may need to go back to lighter resistance. This is not a bad thing. It retrains your muscles and reminds them of what they need to do.

Never get discouraged when you see an exercise that looks intriguing to you but you think you can’t do it. There are always ways to modify a move to keep it safe, fun, and strength building.

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Want to Live Longer?

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Do your eyes glaze over as people keep telling you get active, that sitting is killing us, and we need more sleep to survive?

I must admit mine do at times and helping others get active is my thing.

Take a look at the quote from an article found on the MNT website. This un-glazed my eyes.

“The team found that swapping just 1 hour of sitting each day with standing results in a 5% decrease in risk of early death. Additionally, for those who were not getting enough sleep, swapping just 1 hour of sitting with sleeping each day resulted in a 6% decrease in risk of early death.

Interestingly, when 1 hour of walking or exercising each day was replaced with sitting or some other sedentary behavior, the team found a 13-17% increase in early death risk.”

Having read that now you what to get up and move huh?

Even if you don’t have a “fitness routine” just moving around more in your day to day life will decrease the risk of an early death. Heck, moving around more may encourage you to start a fitness routine.

But what ever you do…don’t just sit there. MOVE!

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Seated Upper Body Worktout

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This is a wonderful video for any of you out there looking to get some movement in your upper body.

The weights are optional, the chair is optional, and the workout is challenging without being over the top hard to follow. And it only takes 9 minutes to do…no excuses there!

I tried this last night with medium weight but you can do this with light weights (1-2 pounds), soup cans, or water bottles. You don’t even need weights if you don’t want to; your body weight is perfect.

This is great for folks just starting a fitness routine, recovering from an injury, or those with balance issues and feel more secure in a seated position.

The workout will get your body moving no matter how you do it. Follow along and let me know what you think.

Video is courtesy of SparkPeople.com. Check out their YouTube channel. Lots of great content all for free!

Delegate Your Fitness Routine?

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One of my clients posted this article from Inc. Magazine called

5 Ways to Be so Productive You Can Actually Do Nothing

While it is perfect for the business world, after reading it, I felt it is really perfect for just about any project we take on in our lives outside of the workplace as well.

Below is the first item on the list of 5 Ways to Be More Productive…

WHO is responsible for getting the task done? Are you responsible? Is it something you need to do yourself, or can it be delegated? Sometimes you can outsource a task that would take you four times as long to do yourself, so be smart when answering this question.”

“Be smart when answering this question…..” Can you have someone else get fit for you? Well no you still have to put in the sweaty work but others can help you start. Everyone tells me it is hard to start a fitness routine because they just don’t know where to begin. No problem. Delegate that to someone else.

Here’s how: Use the resources you already have around you.

Ask your fit co-worker to give you a couple of simple exercise routines they have found to be effective. Most folks who are into a fit lifestyle love to talk about it and pass on what they enjoy doing.

You Tube it. There are so many great exercise routines out there complete with step by step instructions that you don’t need to even leave your house to get them done.

Ask your doctor to recommend some ways to start incorporating a fitness routine into your lifestyle. Your doctor is a great place to start because they know your medical history and have your best interests at heart.

Tah Dah! You have delegated the task of “not sure how to start or what to start with” by using resources around you for feedback. You don’t have to make up any routine. Just try something someone else has done and see if you like it.

Now you just need to go back 5 Ways to Be Productive and follow the rest of the list to make your new routine easy to accomplish so you can then move on to something really fun…like napping after your workout!

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It’s OK to Ask…

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How perfect is this poster? I found it on my Twitter feed via @exerciseworks.

When you are at yours doctors you are usually there for a reason; sore throat, bum knee, back pain. But the poster really does say it all. NEVER be afraid to ask questions regarding your lifestyle, well being, and how you can be an active participant in keeping healthy even if it has nothing to do with the immediate reason you are there.

It’s your life, your well being…get the most out of that Doctor’s visit!