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The American Heart Association has wonderful resources that you should check out if you are an older adult or a care giver of an older adult.

The poster above is a great example.

Great, you think, but I am middle aged and healthy or I am in my early 30’s and do Cross Fit so this really isn’t for me.

Oh how wrong you are. Print this poster out and put it at your desk or work station. While you are sitting there crunching numbers or helping a customer on the phone try some of the exercises listed. I bet you will find them more challenging then you think. Don’t think they are challenging at all? Good for you! Use them as part of your active rest routine.

My point is this…no matter who you are or where you are in life these exercises are basic, can be done anywhere, and don’t take much time. But they could save your life. Any movement that will get you up out of your chair or notch up your heart rate is good for heart health, muscle tone, and a part of a healthy life style.

If you are an older adult looking to start a fitness routine this is a great place to start. No fancy equipment (soup cans work great as weights), no going to the gym (your chair, bench, or front stoop will do the trick), and no excuses not to keep your self on the path of independent living.

Start moving!


Doing a Load of Workout Gear today?

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If you are doing laundry as I am right this moment read this first. I am not even going to paraphrase it. The whole article from the Huffington Post is worth a read and has very helpful laundry tips.

I do know now though to switch out my sports bras when I switch out my sneaks!

Got other tips to make your workout gear last and smell nice? Leave a comment!

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How often do you think about your breathing? When you are running or walking up a steep hill?  Maybe the only time you think about it is when you are at the gym and your trainer is reminding you how to breathe through a range of motion.

In the video above Noam from TS Fitness NYC demonstrates some breathing techniques that can help you improve your breathing, strengthen your core, and improve your overall training routine.

As Noam says “We take about 20,000 breathes a day and that is where we burn a large amount of our calories through respiration.”

Best part for me about these techniques is that they can be carried over into everyday life. My favorite is the one that can be done from sitting in your chair; perfect for those of us at an office job or for those with limited mobility. (I recommend watching the whole video but if you want to skip ahead to this exercise it starts at about 3:45.)

While breathing is second nature it does deserve its moment to shine. Being mindful of your breathing can improve your over all health in so many ways (reducing stress, increasing blood flow and opening up the oxygen pathways). There is no way you can say you don’t have TIME to breath. Be conscious of it and see how much better you can feel.




World Physical Activity Day 2015

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Did you know it was World Physical Activity Day?

Me neither!

Get up! Get out! Get moving!

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You Matter

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Finding self worth